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Tired of finding only the overcrowded touristic places on booking platforms? Get inspired by Offskip and learn about places you didn't have on your radar. Our world has so much more to offer than the all so well-known tourist hotspots!

Yes, we know - we are all longing for a good trip. But right now, we have to make the best of our time at home, so why not swipe through some places you want to visit after Covid19?

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Get inspired by Offskip

Get inspired.

Have you ever wondered what a Cappuccino in Marseille costs? Or a pint of beer in Taipei? We prepared 800+ places with detailed information about the place, including average prices for Drinks, Meals, Airbnb, hotels and much more. Just swipe through them and save or share the places you like. Activities coming soon too. You can even add your own pictures and inspire others!

Reviews + Ratings.

All the cities and activities can be rated and reviewed. See how others experienced what you are interested in to get a realistic idea of what awaits you!

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Plan trips with friends for the ultimate travel experience. (Coming soon)

Traveling with friends is always a lot of fun. Simply collaborate with friends to create a unique trip that you will never forget, while keeping an eye on cost.

Book your trip directly in the app. (Coming soon)

Whatever inspired you eventually, you can book and pay directly in the app. Split the cost with your friends if you are going on a trip together.

Book your trip directly in Offskip. (Coming soon)

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